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Desk Massage

Woman Working in Modern Office
10 minutes per person
Fully clothed, massage is performed whilst the individual is sat at their desk

Desk massage is a popular choice as it offers flexibility and cost-efficiency and is often provided as part of workplace well being events. These quick yet effective treatments will leave your staff feeling recharged, refreshed and rejuvenated. Desk massage is perfect for the call centre environment, situations where employees may find it harder to leave the desk or in offices where there is a high volume of staff in one area. 

Since no set up area or equipment is needed, these upper back, neck and shoulder treatments are perfect for alleviating stress and tension anywhere in the workplace. 

This treatment is also our most efficient, since, in addition to not requiring any equipment, there is a much shorter turnaround time between treatments as the therapist simply goes from desk to desk.

The Treatment


Desk massage is a simple yet deeply therapeutic treatment. One of our Workplace Well being therapists will spend a day at your office providing 10-15 minute treatments covering the upper body. The therapists will apply soothing acupressure techniques along shoulders, perform some stretching techniques and massage the upper back, neck and shoulders, and arms (and scalp if requested) to leave your staff feeling calm, rejuvenated and relieved of psychical tension. 

The therapist will move from person to person with minimal disruption to the workplace while your team enjoy their treatments leaving them feeling rewarded and valued.

The duration of the desk massages can be whatever you like, but we recommend at least 10 minutes per treatment so each employee gets enough time to really switch off and enjoy the benefits of the treatment. 
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