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Indian Head Massage

15-30 minutes per person
Fully clothed on a portable massage chair. This treatment can be done in a private / semi private space

Indian head massage is a relaxing yet rejuvenating massage that loosens the upper body and relaxes the mind. The treatment is performed on a specially designed mobile massage chair and can be set up in a convenient space at your workplace such as a separate office or a quiet part of an open space.

The therapist will ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed allowing you to fully recharge and return to work rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day!    


The Treatment


Indian Head Massage is performed with the individual fully clothed. There are no oils used during this treatment. Areas of the body covered include the back, neck, shoulders, arms and scalp.  The therapist may use a light cream to massage the tops of your shoulders and neck, but will consult with you before doing so.

The treatment combines various massage strokes, acupressure points, and kneading and mobilisation of the upper body to reduce tension. The scalp is then massaged to increase oxygen supply tot the brain and alleviate tiredness. The treatment encourages increase alertness and stimulate circulation.

The Indian Head Massage is an ideal treatment for the workplace as it is can be carried out in a private room or in a quiet area.

The duration of the Indian Head Massage is up to you. We recommend at least 15 minutes per treatment so each employee gets enough time to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the treatment. 
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