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Chair Massage 

15-30 minutes per person
Fully clothed on a specially designed portable massage chair. This treatment can be done in a private / semi private space


On-site chair massage is designed specifically for the workplace. The seated massage treatment is performed on an ergonomically designed mobile massage chair that is set up in a convenient space at your workplace.

The chair is fully adjustable and very comfortable. It can be adapted to suit each individual  and will allow the individual to fully relax. The therapist will ensure that the individual receiving the massage is comfortable and encourage you to relax whilst the massage allows you to take a break from the days work and recharge.   

The Treatment

Onsite chair massage is performed with the individual fully clothed. There are no oils used during this treatment as all the work done to loosen and relax the muscles is done over the clothes. Your therapist may use a light cream to massage the tops of your shoulders and neck, but will consult with you before doing so.

All treatments are tailored to the individual. During the on-site massage treatment, the therapists will apply soothing acupressure techniques along the back, neck, arms, shoulder and head, to leave your staff feeling calm, rejuvenated and relieved of psychical tension. 




Seated chair massage is convenient,  clean and easy making it an ideal treatment for the workplace.

The duration of the chair massages is up to you. We recommend at least 15 minutes per treatment so each employee gets enough time to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the treatment. 
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