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Workplace Wellness

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Workplace Massage - Boosting productivity and morale in the workplace


Workplace massage is becoming increasingly popular as companies are recognising the endless benefits of looking after their employees and the importance of encouraging good health and well-being. 


Having been recognised as one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce stress and promote the overall vitality and well-being of staff, it's no wonder that more and more companies are introducing massage and other holistic therapies into the workplace. 

By allowing just a few moments of relaxation through workplace massage, your workforce will feel revitalised, focused and ready to take on the day. 

The endless benefits of office massage include:

​​           Increasing mental clarity and encouraging creative thinking

          Increasing focus

          Staff will feel revitalised and more alert therefore boosting productivity

          Helping to reduce back, neck and shoulder tension – common in the workplace environment

          Office massage is motivational and will make staff feel appreciated and rewarded

          It can help ease general aches and pains, repetitive strain injuries and muscle tension from long hours of work

The benefits of your staff receiving massage at work are immediate. They are guaranteed to be left with a smile on their face feeling energised and ready to go!

The ultimate employee reward...
...because they're worth it!


Office massage improves employee morale and can increase job satisfaction allowing you to get the best out of your team!

Customer Service Rep

Prices from £7.50 per person

Areas we cover include the South West regions of England and South Wales 

Call us today on 07473 102 136 

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