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Nutrition Workshops


Nutrition workshops are all individually tailored to the needs of the business and can be run over a whole day or half day. Popular topics we cover include:

  • Building resilience to stress through nutrition

  • Healthy and sustainable weight loss  

  • Increasing energy levels and improving focus and concentration to boost productivity

  • Food for Mood - Supporting mental health

  • Womens health - Managing menopause and other topics  


All workshops focus on providing staff with the tools to help themselves through simple and practical diet and lifestyle change. This benefits the employer with more engaged and loyal staff as well as increased productivity and decreased absence.


One - to - one drop In Sessions

Drop in sessions are popular amongst businesses as they allow staff to come and ask questions or discuss health concerns in confidence with a trained, experienced nutritionist.

One to one drop in sessions are ideal for staff who are struggling with chronic conditions or with stress and need support to get back to optimal health and productivity. These sessions are useful for staff who have been on sick leave or that are likely to be if action isn’t taken. During the sessions a detailed health and medical history is taken and an individually tailored approach is taken to improve their diet through wholefoods and supplementation. A lifestyle plan with ongoing support is then provided until that employee has reached their goal. These sessions can be subsidised or fully funded by the employer as part of a staff benefits package or charged to the individual.

Contact us to find out more about how our tailored nutrition workshops and sessions can help benefit your workforce 

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