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25, 45, or 55 minutes per person                         
Can be done in a private / semi private space fully clothed

Reflexology is a relaxing, rejuvenating foot treatment that enables complete relaxation and benefits the whole body. Reflexology can be used for a variety of illnesses, to relieve stress, eliminate toxins and promote homeostasis.

Reflexology works on the basis that the feet are a map of the human body. Areas on the feet, known as reflexes correspond to organs or system in the body.  When pressure is applied to these reflexes, energy travels through the body's meridian lines - or energy channels, and target that particular part of the body.  Your therapist may be able to assess any imbalances or obstructions to the flow of energy in the body. 


The Treatment


During a reflexology treatment, you will be seated comfortably in a reclining chair in a private / semi-private space. Your therapist will undergo a short consultation before beginning the treatment which will involve pressure being applied to certain areas of your the feet in turn. This is proceeded and also followed by a relaxing foot massage. Most people find reflexology extremely relaxing and enjoyable. The therapist will keep a record of reflexes which seem out of balance, relate them to you and discuss the treatment afterwards.    

Scent Oils
The duration of the Reflexology treatment is up to you. We recommend at least 25 minutes per treatment so each employee gets enough time to enjoy the therapeutic benefits. 
Reflexology treatments are ideal for the workplace as they can be carried out fully clothed and can be carried out in a private room or in a quiet area.
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