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Mental Health and Lockdown

As we know, good mental health is extremely important for our happiness and wellbeing. However, with the current lock downs, limited social interaction between family and friends and many people working from home it’s no wonder that this winter, according to HR News, we in the UK are possibly facing our biggest ever mental health crisis since the WWII.

According to the Office of National Statistics, 69% of adults in the UK are staying that Coronavirus is having a negative effect on their life and the drill down statistics are even worse:

63% are worrying about the future

56% are feeling stressed or anxious

49% are bored

With this in mind, we believe that having a routine to is vital. These seven simple steps can help bring back some normality and balance to your day:

1.Routine – You may agree, routine is important! Having routine can increase your motivation and start your day with ease! Aim to wake up early to synchronise your circadian rhythm.

2.Set your intentions – Being clear on what you want to achieve each day will make you more likely to succeed. Write a list of goals for the day and tick them off as you achieve them. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and boost productivity.

3.Have a chat – If you’ve swapped the office for the home office you’re more than likely missing the social interaction. Set up a call with a colleague or a friend you will talking to. staying connected is hugely important right now!

4.Food and drink – You are what you eat (and drink) so make sure you’re giving your body what it needs in the form of healthy food and plenty of fluids.

5.Take a break from work– Being stuck in the same 4 walls all day is enough to make even the most positive person feel low! Take at least one break where you take a walk or sit outside in the fresh air. Why not practice some meditation or mindfulness too.

6.Switch off! Be strict about the time you finish work. Don’t make a habit of working on because you have nothing else to do. Put the work down, shut that part of the day away and enjoy time with a friend, partner or family. This can also be over the phone or online. Use your down time to do things you enjoy. Perhaps see this time as an opportunity to try something new whether it be an online fitness class, baking or crafting.

7.R&R – Rest and relaxation is vital for charging our batteries. Remember to plan time to recharge and aim for around 8 hours sleep if possible.

This isn’t forever – This is ‘NOT THE NEW NORMAL’ and we will come out the other end. Although there are currently no certainties as to when, we

can prepare for the future so that we are in ready to hit the ground running when the time comes whether that’s through vision boarding, fitness or business plans. Stay positive and know that this is not forever.


If you, like many others, are feeling that you need some extra support in managing your mental health through the lock down, there is always help available for you.

The NHS has published a list of Mental Health Charities which you can access via this link:

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